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salsa download

El Gran Combo - The Salsa Kingz present

salsa download

El Gran Combo - The Salsa Kingz present

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Artist: El Gran Combo
Album name: The Salsa Kingz present
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoBrujeria

Why do Caribbean Latinos like to act like we're one big country?

Why is it that Panamanians, DOminicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Venezuelans (to a lesser extent) and Coastal Colombians (to a lesser extent) try to act as if we're one big country and that we're "brothers"?

For example, heres PUERTO RICAN Salsero, Hector Lavoe paying tribute to Panama:

Here's PANAMANIAN Salsero Ruben Blade's performing in the DR:

Here's CUBAN Salsera, Celia Cruz performing a MERENGUE in the DR with Johnny Ventura's orquestra:

Here's CUBAN Salsera, Celia Cruz (again) singing a Salsa in the DR with Johnny Ventura's orquestra, and she sings about Caribbean Hispanic pride:

Here's PUERTO RICAN salsa orquestra, El Gran Combo singing with DOMINICAN merenguero Johnny Ventura in the DR:

Here's CUBAN Salsera Celia Cruz singing with DOMINICAN Salsero, Johnny Pacheco:

Here's DOMINICAN Merenguero, Jochy Hernandez presenting his new Merengue Orquestra which is full of Puerto Ricans (one of them even gives a shoutout to the Dominican crowd as a "peace offering"):

I can't watch Dominican tv without seeing some extranjero from Puerto Rico acting like we're brothers and being welcomed by the Dominican people, it makes me sick. I'm very conservative and don't think Caribbean Latinos should act is if they're brothers. Even a recent concert which was mostly Dominican merengueros also had some Venezuelan Salsa group, Los Adolescentes perform, and apparently they're very good friends with the Dominican Republic. Also, Dominican Merenguero, Alex Bueno recently performed in Venezuela! This must stop!

When will this stop?

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